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Wireless Group (pty) Ltd is a company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa Registration Number: 2012/082948/07. Wirels Connect (Pty) Ltd, trading as telafrica Mobile, is a level3 BBBEE level contributor and also ICASA ECNS license holder. Telafrica Mobile Provides a Tier1 Telecommunications network,products and services in South Africa and globally.
Telafrica Mobile has its own network and infrastructure and operates independently. We provide global coverage to more than 900 networks in 200 countries, thus becoming among the leading mobile service providers to mobile operators and large enterprises worldwide in a very competitive industry.

To become one of the leading Mobile Network Operator in South Africa, Africa and the whole world by 2040.

To offer nothing short of quality and competitive service to our clients.

Transparency, Efficiency, Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism, Trust and Co-operation.


Executive Profile

Executive Profile
Mr. Botha Lebepe Rosen
office park, Midrand, 1685
Email: Fax: 0865790225 Cell: +2772 928 6175

Personal Details:
Date of Birth: 1981-06-07 Place of Birth: South Africa
Language: English, Afrikaans and Pedi Marital status: Single Children: 2

Position: CEO and FOUNDER: Wirels Connect (PTY) LTD, Telafrica Mobile (pty) ltd(RSA), Linnel technologies (Pty) ltd(RSA), Monaghon telecommunications(Pty) ltd (Namibia) and Africa international carrier LTD (UK), Alpha Metrix ETS (PTY) LTD
FOOTPRINT: South Africa, Lesotho, United kingdom and DRC Congo.
Professional Profile
Botha Lebepe was born on the 07 of June 1981 in the little known town of Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.
Like most black south Africans of the time, Botha knew poverty from a very young age, having been born in one of the country’s poorest provinces and in a particularly under- privileged part of the then Northern Province (now called the Limpopo Province).
It was the combination of his love of science and his never-say-die spirit that helped turn the life of Botha Lebepe from the destination of poverty and put him firmly on the path of opportunity and success.
While the life of drugs and crime consumed countless young black South Africans in his neighborhood, Botha defied all odds to pursue a dream that to his peers seemed unrealistic and inaccessible. He stayed in school and in 1999 enrolled at the Rand Afrikaans University a former enclave of Afrikaner nationalism, to pursue a Bachelors’ Degree in Informatics. He completed his degree in 2002 and spent most of his initial professional years in Private sector and Government where among his earlier successes was the launch of the first SAP Project in National Departments. He later set up Africa’s first VMESH TECHNOLOGY to support remote areas for the DEPARTMENT OF WATER AFFAIRS AND ENVIROMENTAL SCIENCE.

In 2007, having spent a fruitful five years in the public sector and buoyed by his excellent career with government Botha decided to spread his wings, establishing his own commercial enterprise called Tsoko Information Technology. This company focused on various IT solutions particularly in the relatively new realm of Mobile Technology. Within just one year, Lebepe realized that the future of his enterprise lay on tapping into the WASP AND SOCIAL NETWORKING arena. He thus refocused and relaunched his company from Tsoko Information Technology to Wirels Connect making him the first black African in South Africa to venture into WASP Technology. He recognized the massive potential for growth in this industry.

With his Wirels Connect firmly under his belt, Botha has now successful obtained the operator Mobile license (MNC25) and is steadily developed one of the most exciting Telecommunication infrastructure in the world with signalling in Singapore and North of London and Johannesburg Teraco for worldwide coverage of VOICE,DATA and SMS , blazing the trail for other black South Africans.

Wirels Connect continues to focus on providing telecommunications markets locally and abroad. Botha’s experience in consumer segmentation and his footprint within Government and the rest of the Telecommunication business have clearly played a role in the success of the Wirels Connect.
A survey taken in the second quarter of 2010 rated Wirels Connect one of the top three Mobile Marketing service providers in Southern Africa specifically in the delivery of digital campaigns across electronic and mobile channels including SMS, Voice, Email, WAP, MMS and Web.

Over the past two years, Wirels Connect has developed an airtime credit facility for the purchase of airtime to the layer of society that would otherwise not be catered for in the mainstream mobile phone industry. Aptly named Rolling Airtime Credit (RAC) this system allows the under-class (and usually unbankable) to access credit without the risk of besmirching neither their own credit worthiness nor exposing the creditor to any risk.
The following published articles are available for those who may want to get inside the mind of one of South Africa’s emerging Mobile Technology gurus:

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Telafrica – Fibre Unit is an emerging new Civils and Telecommunications Construction and Company that
intends to fully take advantage of the infrastructure boom that currently exists in the local economy. We are
committed to increased service delivery and playing a pivotal role in the Accelerated Shared Growth
Initiative of South Africa (ASGISA) policy framework.
It is notable that the current spending in the following sectors:
_ Local government
_ National government
_ Private and Public Partnerships
_ It is at levels never seen before in the history of our country.
Hence forth we see economic benefit in being an integral part of this economic revolution.

We believe there are more cost effective ways of servicing our clients as well as delivering a final product to them.
We therefore always look for ways to improve our implementation of Civils and Specialized Services to
adapt and to an ever changing environment.
We are specialist within our industry and identify the solutions to an issue as we deliver our professional
service and specialized workmanship.
Moreover, some of our Clients and Suppliers have certainly the most extensive testing facilities in the
world and we therefore work with them to develop some of our ideas. With all these capable facilities and
support available, nothing may be regarded as being “good enough”.

Civil Works is becoming a central focus for the Telecommunications environment.
Telafrica- primary objectives are as follows:
• To train personnel to the highest competent level to install, blow, splice, test, repair and recondition equipment
• To ensure all personnel deal with clients on a fair and equitable manner
• To ensure the availability of personnel to service clients as soon as it humanly possible.
• To ensure all personnel enjoy equal opportunities irrespective of race, colour, creed or sex.
• To ensure personnel are remunerated fairly.
• To supply a cost effective service based on volume and low mark-up.
• We therefore do not aim necessarily to be the cheapest in price, but to be the best in our field
• To build reputation and market share by establishing our business offering as a viable alternative to other existing
service providers in the area.
• To pursue an aggressive marketing campaign and from that, penetrate at least 65% of the market share.
• To be the top rated construction and telecommunication company in Mpumalanga, surrounding provinces and
central Africa.

Telafrica is committed to be the solution for your business – whether they are underground, outdoors, offshore ,on
board, in the kitchen, around the planet, or off the road – Virtually worldwide by ourselves or through our
committed suppliers.
• We do not practice lip service: we are committed to customer service.
• We will ensure that we commit to the budget and plans as per our suppliers specs that we are always on time ahead
of schedule.
• We work closely with our Consultants and tap into their expertise to ensure timeous delivery of projects.
• We believe and execute all projects with strict quality control measures to ensure there are no set backs.
• Telafrica was established in 2016 with the owners being in the industry for several years.
• Having been in the industry, specializing in various aspects of the business, especially those which have been
mentioned, the owners will ensure the stability in the company which can already be seen in the upward mobility of
all works.
• telafrica is a South African based company, whose mission is to provide reliable, timely and safe services.
• telafrica directors have 10 years’ experience in telecommunications i.e. OSP/ISP and new generation network
• Most importantly however, is the success of the relationship we have with our clients. We endeavour to provide an
expert and professional level of service, building relationships and friendships.
• We are committed to creating spaces that are functional and practical, yet aesthetically pleasing at any level of
budget constraint.

The following Health and Safety measures will be adhered to:
• Eliminate the hazard
• Substitute with less hazardous means: substance.
• Engineer out all the hazards
• Supply every employee with sufficient health and safety equipment free of charge.
• Health and safety Training will be provided to all employees at regular intervals.
• Implement a Risk assessment Management Strategy to identify and control risks to health and safety in a particular
• Maintain a program of occupational hygiene measurement and corrective actions to identify areas of exposure and then
to reduce such exposure to , as low a level as is reasonably practicable.
• Run a medical surveillance program with the assistance of our own OHS Practitioner.
• Support and encourage all employees to withdraw from any work place, which is dangerous to their health and safety.
• Adhere to sound Safety Management and Risk Control principles.
• Render all assistance to the Department of Labour with regard to accidents and reportable incidents.
• To ensure efficient application of these control measures.

• The Principal Contractor is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all
personnel, contractors and visitors on site
• We will strive to continually improve the effectiveness of the health and safety system
through the setting and measurement of health and safety objectives and by conforming to
current applicable occupational health and safety legislation.
• All employees working on this project are important.
• As an employer, we undertake to provide a safe working environment and appropriate tools.
• All employees undertake to act and work in a safe manner at all times.
• As an individual, everyone has the right and obligation to stop and correct an unsafe act or situation.

Professional Workmanship
telafrica offers quality professional workmanship providing substructure for electrical power, telephone, streetlights, parking lot lighting,
traffic signals, fibre-optics; telecommunications and cable TV throughout South Africa.
Our professionals are ready to work with you to review your plans and onsite visits, that we may offer a fair, competitive and realistic cost
for our services.
We also provide dry utility coordination services; backed by experience and expertise saving valuable time and resources to advance your
Our approach to bidding insures that we've included what it takes for a complete and successful project.
telafrica has specialty equipment, big and small, to provide quality and timely excavation for the installation of conduits, pole bases, aerial
Installations and erection of poles, luminaires, pull boxes, electrical conductors, terminations, service pedestals, controller cabinets, splicing, and manholes.


  • South Africa
  • The Wilow Office Park, Office 276 George Road, Erand Gardens, Midrand 1685